Need to keep my air quality clean because of allergies

I am one of those people that have bad allergies. I absolutely hate it. Certain times of the year I have to keep tissues on hand. I am sneezing, snorting, sneezing and blowing my nose constantly. I also have to be careful that I don’t get dry, rashy skin. I also get sick anytime the weather changes slightly. What I do is try to keep my home as clean and consistent as possible. I invested in a whole home air purification plan. The air purifier was installed right in my return ductwork. Every month I have to change an air filter like my HVAC equipment and get yearly service on it. If you factor in the cost per month and year, an air purification plan is quite expensive. It is worth it for me though. I don’t deal with foul odors, dust or pollutants that upset my allergies. I typically have a sneeze and headache free day. My nasal and throat passages don’t feel inflamed and even my skin is better. I also make sure to get my ductwork regularly cleaned. A lot of people wait every 5-7 years for it. I like to do projects in the house. I also have animals that shed fur. I am not willing to risk having upset allergies because I can’t afford a few hundred bucks on ductwork cleaning. It takes the HVAC contractor about an hour and I can go about my day feeling good about the indoor air quality. The dust, hair, fur and debris gets sucked up with a hose and it is so satisfying.


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