Taking care of my mother

Lewis had not lived with his mom under the same roof for quite some time; he’d moved away from new home when he was eighteen! At that time, he was in a rock band with some friends he’d known since they were kids.

They got an opportunity to tour the country as well as produce a few songs before finally breaking up.

Lewis went on to work with various other bands as a drummer as well as even worked as a producer. But, the fast life and fame all ended when his child was born. Lewis felt that the job path wasn’t for him and settled down in a small town with his family. He worked as a music educator and was so fine at it. Last year, his mom fell ill as well as had to have 24-hour care to ensure he had the best quality of life, so instead of hiring a nurse, Lewis and his wife chose to live with her. They had a big new home but had to work on the air conditioning system to improve the air quality. His mom’s doctor spoke to them in detail about the importance of the correct air conditioning system in their home. He advocated they contact an AC serviceman to set up UV lights in the plan to get rid of outdoor pollutants. In addition, they should get a HEPA filter for the cooling system, which was so much better than regular air filters. They heeded his advice as well as had an HVAC serviceman add the UV lights as well as HEPA filter onto their unit. The change was so much better, as well as even their mom felt at home.



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