The hotel staff allowed Mariam to rest and enjoy the HVAC unit

Last Summer, Mariam went on a vacation with her kids to appreciate some sizzling weather, relish historical sights, and just appreciate some leisure time together.

The kids had a wonderful trip.

They decided to go on many informational tours, ate some wonderful delicacies, and got to experience a rich culture unlike anything they’d seen back home. One of the afternoons of the getaway, Mariam and her kids decided to take a trip around the city to do some shopping. They were having a wonderful time browsing all of the different shops. But, the heat was starting to take its toll on Mariam. While leaving one shop and heading to the next, Mariam started to feel very dizzy, and almost collapsed. Her eldest son helped her into the lobby of a hotel with a cooling system to get Mariam some water, and take a minute to cool off. The HVAC unit in the hotel was so cool, and efficient. This was a formidable reprieve from the boiling daylight outside. Mariam felt the HVAC unit blessing her skin all over, helping to bring down her body temperature while she had a seat, took a breath, and drank some water. If it weren’t for the HVAC unit, Mariam may have been at risk of heat exhaustion. Lucky for her, the hotel employees had no issue with her resting and enjoying the benefits of their HVAC until she felt well enough to start walking again. After about twenty minutes in the air conditioning, Mariam was feeling rejuvenated enough to continue with the adventure and keep shopping with her kids. She was vigilant, however, to keep spending time in the HVAC whenever she could to avoid that from happening once more.