House full of boys

I am about to lose my mind! My kids have been in the loft for over a month now plus I genuinely suppose I am going to lose it, however i have multiple guys that are all under twelve plus they are genuinely driving me crazy, and since they can’t go to school right now plus they can’t genuinely do anything else I am having a strenuous time with them in the loft all day, then having multiple guys is a full time task so I don’t labor which means that my husband is gone all day at the office so he doesn’t understand what it is care about to be loft all day with the boys, but one thing that genuinely bothers me about the guys is how they are typically changing the temperature of the thermostat.

I don’t know why they can’t just leave the thermostat along care about I asked, but they typically want the loft to be colder.

I hate having the air conditioner running all day in the loft because the energy bill goes up so much each month plus they just don’t understand that. I told them that if they keep changing the thermostat that I am going to start making them pay the bills each week. Hopefully my threat will petrify them enough so they stop changing the thermostat all the time. I am genuinely going silly over here so hopefully they are able to go back to school soon because I need a chop asap!



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