Get a smart thermostat with zone control

The time we saw it best to sell the property, we had to spend some time and money on renovations for the current home.

We planned to make changes that would help the property become more energy efficient.

One of the first things we did was change all of the windows to double pane windows with vinyl frames… Single pane windows with aluminum frames are so inefficient, and was impacting our aircon system. The unit was having to function harder than it should to heat and cool our house. Another change that helped the efficiency of our aircon system was installing radiant radiant heated floors; Radiant radiant heated floors rely on a heating element underneath the existing flooring, which works to maintain a consistent ambient temperature of the property. When the floors are radiating heat, the Heating plus A/C proposal doesn’t have to function as hard to heat our current home in the Wintertime. Another energy-efficient change we made to our current home was installing a smart temperature control with zone control. A smart temperature control works with WIFI, and can be programmed via an app on your iPhone or PC. Zone control works by setting up a series of valves within our existing HVAC duct, and can help direct the flow of air throughout our house. With a smart temperature control and zone control, we could make sure that our cooling system wasn’t running while we were away. Plus, we could also make sure that we weren’t using energy to treat vacant rooms. With just these changes, we raised the energy efficiency of our home, and added value for when we sold the property.


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