Low Energy Bill Secrets

Keeping up with almost everyone else can be discouraging and at times fruitless.

  • But, what if your neighbors are saving money, supporting a cleaner environment, and reducing their dependence on pricey imported oil? I am sure you would want in on this too.

The best way to get a handle on your lake house energy USge is to schedule a lake house energy audit that can determine how much energy you use and identify problem areas where you might be losing energy. Enlist your smartphone in the quest to become more energy efficient. There are many apps out there that track your energy USge and help you improve your efficiency. If you are not leveraging your windows to boost household energy efficiency, you are missing a significant opportunity. During the Wintertide weeks, keep blinds, shades, and curtains open during the day to let in sun and supply natural warmth and light. When the sun sets, close the window coverings tightly to minimize heat loss. If you don’t have a programmable temperature control, it may be the time to make the investment. These clever devices allow you to set the temperature to rise or lower automatically according to your work and sleep schedule. Also, find and seal any air leaks around windows and doors with inextravagant caulking, spray foam, and weatherstripping. Closing up cracks and gaps can split down on heating and cooling costs, and will make your lake house a more comfortable, draft free environment, then layering your clothes will keep you moderate on the coldest afternoons. Wearing a sweater allows you to turn down the temperature control however still remain comfortable. Your dryer is a huge source of heat. It puts out a large amount of heat into a room. Choosing to do your laundry at a time when you really need the heat is best. Heat rises and when it does, your attic should be properly insulated to keep all of that warmth inside of your home. A properly insulated attic can reduce your energy bills by 10-50 percent.

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