Alternative to a Window AC

If you are in the market for a window air conditioner, make sure to weigh all of your options.

Window units are becoming increasingly outmoded.

Even the most energy efficient models are expensive to run over the course of the cooling season. Because of their bulk and in window position, portable air conditioners obstruct the view to the outdoors and block out the natural light that would otherwise stream into the home. When you also consider that window units are noisy and that they severely undermine home security, it’s easy to comprehend why so many people have looked for a better method of cooling one or more rooms. By design, window air conditioners are temporary solutions. Mini splits, on the other hand, are permanent installations handled by qualified professionals. Ductless systems are streamlined and compact and consist of two discrete components which is an outdoor condenser and an indoor unit. Connecting the two is a pair of refrigerant pipes that run through a three inch diameter hole in an exterior wall. Because it is so nonintrusive, the installation process usually takes less than a day. Once it’s up and running, a mini split lasts much longer than the average window AC. Mini splits do cost more up front than a window unit but over the long term, it pays you back with the system’s remarkable energy efficiency. Even though the operation costs are low, the system still provides unparalleled comfort. Thanks to its variable speed compressor and accurate monitoring of room conditions, the system continuously adjusts its output to match the demand. The technology steadily maintains your target temperature. The average window AC either keeps running until the room gets too cold, or it cycles on and off, creating unpleasant and extreme temperature variations. That’s not the case with a mini split system.

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