Getting Away from it All

Do you ever have a desire to get away from it all? from time to time, I actually do want to just get away… I don’t necessarily need a expensive trip in a lovely Resort; Occasionally I just want to go to the woods and suppose and relax and read and play with my pet.

  • I recently had such an adventure.

I started looking online for locations I could go to get away from it all without having to spend a fortune. Only a couple of States north of me, people have been taking advantage of modular affordable homes, then they have been building these modular affordable homes in lovely locations such as by mountains and lakes and in the woods and forests. Then, they use these modular affordable homes as rentals and get extra income from tourists, but some of the people are constructing modular shipping bin homes. Others are going with more traditional modular Housing Solutions. Others are buying or constructing modular mobile homes or, what we used to call trailers, but found a single of these modular Housing Solutions communities on the outskirts of a small City. The community functions as a sort of family room community of the city. The View was lovely oh, and there was plenty of room for my pet to run around. I suddenly grabbed it up. The shipping bin homes were in the section closest to the lake. That’s the a single I wanted. I actually enjoyed the look and guess of the shipping bin homes and I had a fabulous getaway. Stephen King with outdoor portable restroom Solutions that included portable showers to bathe after being in the lake.


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