My homemade rocking chair plus matching chairs are my number one furniture.

When my men were in school, they had to take a wood-working shop.

  • Most of the men made little tables or a blanket holder.

My men made me a handmade rocking chair plus many matching handmade side chairs. They got their mans to make the cushions for all many items plus to make a cushion for the hand made gliding ottoman. I never realized my men had so much talent, plus it didn’t surprise me when they opted to go into a furniture making supplier together. The many men made such beautiful furniture that they had orders for special handmade furniture for the next many years. If I were paying for a houseful of furniture that these people paid for 1 item, I would have wanted it done within a week, plus not many or many years. The people patiently waited for their handmade, custom designed chairs, tables, plus anything imaginable. My men keep telling me they have a truly special birthday present for my hubby plus I. I couldn’t imagine having anything from them that could match my handmade furniture that was in the residing room. For our birthday they made us a maple waterfall bed with matching side tables. My hubby plus I had bought our bed at a minute hand store. It was current to us, plus every one of us had it for the last forty years. When they gave us the current bed, I cried for hours, even though I couldn’t help it. I thought my residing room oak chairs were my number one things in the house, however my handmade oak bed set entirely has me minute-guessing my number one wood furniture.

Rustic meets traditional