We had random bees at our house

Last summer during July and August, we somehow ended up with a pretty bad bee infestation at our house.

I couldn’t tell what kind of bees we had, because honestly I don’t know that much about bees except the fact that I’m afraid of them.

I had started to notice that there were lots of random bees flying all around our property here and there. They were also going in and out of the rafters in the porch and over the garage. Everyone who lives at my house, including my three kids, my wife, and my mother-in-law, are all scared of bees. None of us are allergic to bees, thank goodness. However, we are all terrified of them. We all hate all kinds of bees, whether they are hornets or yellow jackets or wasps or anything like that. If we were allergic to bees, we would probably never even leave the house during the spring and summer because of our collective phobia! When I saw the bees flying into the eaves of the front porch, that’s when I started to think about calling in a bee removal expert to get rid of them. I couldn’t tell what kinds of bees they were, either, so I didn’t really know what to tell the bee removal expert what he was in for. I was hoping that they were nice bees like bumblebees or honey bees, but I figured that they were probably something awful like hornets! It turned out that it was a big swarm of carpenter bees. The bee extermination company came out and removed all of them for us.


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