Life is easier now that my Heating and Air Conditioning thermostat is programmed Sunday through Sunday

If you can find ways to streamline your life plus your yearly tasks, you’ll be a much happier plus pleased woman.

I was a good example of someone who thought that making lists was a waste of time plus felt proud of my ignorance.

But since I started making shopping plus to-do lists for myself, I’m rarely freaking out because I forgot the undoubtedly thing that brought me to the grocery store in the first site. If I’m diligent about making lists on dry-erase boards throughout my home whenever I run out of something, I won’t forget the products when I’m out shopping. Beyond lists for groceries, I adore to balance my labor load each afternoon with varying labor schedules, giving me some time in between to take breaks for outdoor activities. Since I labor from home, I have a lot of flexibility with my schedule. However, I realized recently that I previously wasted too much time changing my central thermostat when I can entirely program it for every afternoon of the week. When I open up the scheduling menu, I see an empty schedule for Sunday through Tuesday, all 24 hours of the afternoon. I started making heating plus cooling curves. As the temperature outside gets progressively hotter, I have my thermostat programmed to slowly raise the temperature in the home by turning off the air conditioner accordingly. It still runs, but it’s given a progressively higher target temperature with my cooling curve. Once it gets dark out at night plus hot plus cold temperatures naturally drop, I reverse my cooling curve from earlier. This way it gets progressively colder in the home while hot plus cold temperatures outside drop too.

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