The carbon monoxide leak made us paranoid just being at home

Ever since we experienced a carbon monoxide leak in our home from the HVAC system, we have not felt safe.

  • Honestly, carbon monoxide could have killed us during our sleep.

It’s a good thing that my wife insisted on keeping the windows open just a crack. We were both feeling pretty sick and the fresh air seemed to be the only thing that would make us feel a little better. We ended up going to the hospital after the HVAC professional determined there was a carbon monoxide leak thanks to the heat exchanger having a crack in it. Heat exchangers are quite expensive to have replaced and the HVAC professionals said we should just go for a total HVAC system replacement. I asked if they could get a refurbished heat exchanger or something just so we could use our heater and not have to worry about carbon monoxide. They did the job for us and it still cost a lot of money, but the heater was working at least. After that winter season though, my wife had a talk about it and said it wasn’t worth it going forward without a total replacement. When we looked into different HVAC systems, the geothermal system stood out the most to me. What I loved about it was that there was no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning! These geothermal HVAC systems don’t have combustion involved and they don’t create any pollution. It was an expensive option, but we went for it and now we finally feel safe knowing that we don’t have to worry about dying in our sleep because of some carbon monoxide leak.


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