Our son forgot to change the air filters when every one of us decided to go on our trip

My husband and I decided to take a trip together around the world.

This trip would involve many ways of travelling including by plane, boat, and many vehicles.

The trip was going to take a few months so every one of us planned it for the summer. All of us considered bringing the children along with us however realized they would be whining the whole time, especially when they didn’t get access to air conditioning system like they were accustomed to! Unfortunately they are pretty spoiled, however they really lit up when they l earned every one of us were going to be gone for so long. All of us made particular to have some close friends check in on them from time to time to make sure they didn’t burn the venue down or have any outrageous parties. I also told our eldest son to make sure to change the air filters each month. I showed him were the box of air filters were. I also told him to make sure to be responsible and I definitely had to stress the part about no parties. The children seemed to be doing alright as every one of us checked on them properly throughout the afternoons and they reported back that everything was going great. I felt they did a pretty good job except for the fact that they did try to throw a secret celebration towards the end of our trip. I knew what happened because our friend saw the kids having a celebration, but he went to chop everything up. I was disappointed about that, although I also was mad when the air quality was lacking when every one of us got back. This was because our son never changed the air filter even once!

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