I bought a house that had a lousy HVAC system that hardly worked

I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought a house that had a lousy HVAC system.

Of course, I love the property with all the land and everything, but the house needs so much work. I was thinking that maybe we could get through the hot season without air conditioning, at least for the first year. My wife thought I was crazy for even thinking such a thing could be possible. She said that I better check with the HVAC companies and get a quote to have an HVAC system installed. I went through a few different quotes with different HVAC professionals but I wasn’t liking the prices I was seeing for these installations. The only HVAC that seemed alright to me was the ductless mini split. I appreciated knowing that it would last a good 20 years plus with minimal maintenance needs. The HVAC professional was nice enough to tell me that I could even install my own ductless mini splits because they had the DIY models available. That immediately piqued my interest and after he was gone, I checked on those systems. I looked at different installation videos and realized that this was something I could do. Not to mention, if I did do the installation on my own, I would save a small fortune! So I decided to go for it and my wife didn’t like it when she learned what I was up to. I asked her if she wanted her cooling system or not, and she couldn’t say no. So I had the HVAC delivered and I handled the installation with minimal issues. Now it’s very comfortable in our home, but there is still so much work to do!

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