I was able to get my family into camping just like I enjoyed as a youngster

My family and I go camping all the time.

I always enjoyed camping when I was young and it’s something that I wanted my own children to enjoy.

Of course, they always have a good time and I appreciate that. I typically make sure they are not on their devices all the time so they can enjoy that good air quality in the country and they can spend quality time with their family members. I’d say the children love it the most when we get a fire going in the fireplace. It’s fun being able to cook our food over the fireplace and I love it when we all start roasting marshmallows. One of the best treats in life in my opinion are s’mores! Another thing I have learned to always bring on our campouts is a good portable heating system. The first time we went camping, I didn’t have any portable heater and the kids kept complaining because of how freezing it was through the night. They were disappointed when they learned I didn’t have anything to keep us warm except for our sleeping bags. That’s what I always used when I was a youngster and admittedly there were uncomfortable nights that were freezing. So I got this portable heating system and that changed everything. The kids never had any complaints through the night and I wanted to keep things that way. Even when my kids went camping with friends, I made sure they would take a portable heater along with them so they could be nice and cozy in their tent.
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