My dentist told myself and others that I can improve my asthma symptoms by improving my indoor air

I was surprised when my dentist recently worked on myself and others with asthma.

I only had on plus off breathing plus sinus complications over the years, plus I always assumed that it was only due to seasonal pollen irritations. My symptoms would get worse in Spring plus Fall due to pollen plus leaf mold respectively, however they apparently got worse in recent years. I explained to my dentist that I was having problems catching my breath plus going up plus down staircases, so he ran a few tests. That’s when I found out that I have asthma plus have entirely had it most of my life. Aside from prescribing myself and others an inhaler to use whenever I have problems with my breathing, he told myself and others that I need to think about improving the air quality in my house. At the time, I didn’t even think that air quality could affect someone’s health. That may seem foolish, although I had never experienced these complications enough to think that I had anything however seasonal dust sensitivity problems. The first thing I did to improve my air quality was purchasing an media air cleaner for my kitchen. It has a charcoal filter, HEPA filter, plus UV-C lights inside for added air sanitization. I didn’t realize how much dust was floating in my indoor air until replacing the filters on my media air cleaner following weeks of daily use. Between the media air cleaner plus upgrading the filters that I use in my central furnace, I made a lot of headway with improving my health plus my asthma symptoms. At least I’m functioning a lot better at condo without constantly coughing plus sneezing like before.