My roommate plus I were lucky to get a temperature control in our freshman dorm room

My first year of school was absolutely full of ups plus downs. I went to a small liberal arts school in my cabin state. It was nice to finally be surrounded by other students that share your interests plus beliefs, but it was suffocating sometimes. We had a smaller student population than the private school I had just left, plus you could assume the social pressure at times. Despite any complications being in school for the first time, I was incredibly lucky with the roommate I was assigned to my freshman year. We were both introverted plus enjoyed much of the same rock n roll, films, plus cable shows. And since the two of us are both writers, that was another shared trait that the two of us could bond over. The room the two of us were put in was newly renovated as well plus had a single sizable feature that most dorm rooms on that campus lack—an flexible temperature control for the a/c plus oil furnace. Most of the dorm rooms had temperature controls that were locked by the administration plus controlled remotely from a central location in the administrative building. Ours wasn’t locked, plus in retrospect I assume this was an oversight on their part. It was great because the two of us could make the room as frigid as the two of us wanted in the summer time plus Spring while making it extremely hot plus toasty in Fall plus winter. That temperature control in our freshman dorm room was an amazing amenity to have as a current school student. We were much more comfortable with our indoor air compared to other students. Sadly, our dorm room in our sophomore year had a locked temperature control.

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