I have to use a fan whenever I am performing on phase because of exhausting cooling system

Although I typically expected to keep music as a fun activity, I’ve been playing live a lot more as time goes on.

  • Nowadays you can use looper pedals and computers to create acbusinessing parts and instrumental overdubs.

That way I can play covers in bars and clubs as a a single-man-band. This is a lot of fun even if I don’t get paid nor make any tip currency while I’m performing. Sporadically a friend of mine will rest in with me on bass guitar, drums, or keyboards. As much as I care about performing live, the stadiums where I perform are not all equal in quality and amenities. For instance, some of these stadiums have actual stages while others have a glorified corner in the home office where the speakers and unit is set up. One of the worst disadvantages to playing in some of these stadiums is the abysmal air conditioner inside. I have to bring a fan with me whenever I’m performing so I’m not dripping in sweat the entire time. I wish these stadiums all had superb air conditioner although I recognize that is too much to ask for. At least the fan I use can be adjusted for both speed and direction. It’s superb enough to get me through a set without being too uncomfortable. The worst part is when there are overly bright incandescent lights because they create considerable heat that can be felt when you’re resting beneath them. This is nice if it’s freezing outside and the stadium isn’t running the oil furnace, however otherwise I hate the bright phase lights. Sadly, our fan isn’t enough to compensate whenever I’m in a situation care about this.

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