Always go with the machine with the highest BTU rating when getting a window a/c

When I bought an LCD screen TV back in 2010 during my first year of college, 1080p screen resolution was considered good, if not top of the line.

It would be another two years before 4k TVs and computer monitors would hit the market.

But nowadays, a 1080p resolution screen is outdated. My mom was ecstatic about a sale on 1080p televisions but I had to remind her that it’s old technology. If you’re going to invest in a new TV or computer monitor in 2021 and beyond, you would be foolish to get anything under 4k resolution. There is even an 8k resolution available now, making 1080p increasingly irrelevant in the whole market. Always look for a machine with better features and stats if you have a choice, and it’s not different for window air conditioners. They all have BTU ratings that measure how much energy it takes for the machine to remove heat from your home or business in the course of an hour. That’s why you should always go with higher BTU air conditioners. Sometimes it’s only a matter of an additional $30 to $50 to get a BTU number that is up to 50% higher. Anyone would be foolish to waste their money like this, especially when there are options for additional window air conditioners on the internet if your local hardware stores or supercenters don’t have a good selection. That’s the route I chose when I purchased my last window air conditioner; to my surprise, the shipping to my house was free. On top of that, it arrived just three days after I made the order with the website online.


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