Someone broke into my home and stole a lot of my stuff

I came home last Wednesday, only to find my home in disarray. I immediately panicked and examined my house closely. My fears were confirmed when I recognized that some of my items were missing. I immediately called the police and left my house, in case there was an intruder still in the home. The police came and took my statement, they checked out my home, but couldn’t find anyone inside. After they left and I had reported my stolen items, this gave me time to start putting my house back together. They took most of my valuables, such as jewelry, my TV and watch. I noticed something odd as I was putting things back. My portable air conditioning component, which was usually in my room for an extra cooling breeze, was now next to the door. That was odd, and made me realize that the thief had intended to steal the portable air conditioner, but it was probably too much with all of my other items, so they ended up leaving the portable A/C behind. I’m not going to lie, of all of the items, I could have gone without my portable cooling device. But at least it is one less item stolen. I carried the portable HVAC system back up to my room and put it back in its place. Then the rest of my time was fixing my home and figuring out what I am going to do. I hope the police are able to figure out who robbed my house, I know there has been a lot of robberies as of lately.
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