Argument over whether to keep the old A/C or not

My cousin and I have been living together for the past 2 years.

We had a lot in common, and since renting places can be so expensive nowadays, we decided to become roommates temporarily.

Although we have a lot in common, I quickly discovered we had a lot of differences too, but thankfully none of them were enough to ruin our relationship. We did have one incident sometime back that caused a big argument. When our air conditioning device broke down for the 100th time, I told my cousin we just needed to get a new one. Even though a brand new HVAC system was going to cost more upfront, it was going to pay off in the end because of the high efficiency. If we continued attempting to fix the old A/C unit, it was just going to keep breaking down and cost us more money in the long run. I knew all of this because I did some reading on HVAC technology and HVAC equipment ahead of time. However, my cousin didn’t agree, they thought that we should keep investing money in the old air conditioner, and that the old heating and cooling system was still decent enough to keep repairing. We ended up getting into a pretty big argument over that, because we both thought that the other person was wrong, and that the other person was going to cause us to go without HVAC. In the end, I let my cousin repair the old A/C unit, but she had to pay for it, while I went out and bought a portable air conditioner for myself, that way it’s the best of both worlds.


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