We both need what the other has

My fiance and I couldn’t be more different when it comes to what is important in life.

My fiance is all about the financial aspect of life.

He has thousands already saved for retirement, no student loans and already has a rental property for side income. Financially he is going to be set for life. However, he is extremely unhealthy. My fiance will snack all throughout the day while working his desk job. He never wants to ride bikes but instead will drive his car. He drinks coffee, smokes cigarettes and can eat a whole bag of potato chips at the end of the night. I would allow some of these bad habits if he would do a workout. Just thirty minutes a day is all I am asking. I can’t get him motivated enough. I even offered to pay for personal training at the local health and wellness center in town. My fiance didn’t want to make the drive and be held accountable for a time. So he is just going to be overweight, experience health problems and not live as long. I am in great shape. I do a wide variety of workouts and watch what I eat. I go to the dentists, have good skin care products and do monthly check ups at my doctor. I will say though, I don’t really do well money wise. I spend just about every dime I have. I do tell my fiance he is going to have a heart attack at 50 and all his retirement money is going to go to me. I will get the last laugh in the end.



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