Need to target what I eat

Everybody wants to lose weight or get in shape.

Some people completely tap out altogether and don’t even try.

Others like to focus more on what they eat. They like doing Weight Watchers and the KETO diet. For me, I much prefer to target working out than what I eat. I am super good about working out seven days a week. I work out a solid hour. I do a warm up, stretch, intense cardio and a bit of weightlifting no matter what. I push it to where I am sweaty and want to quit. Frequently I am dealing with sore muscles or just being fatigued all day long due to a workout. I am in good shape, but not great. For how hard I work, I should look better. I know that it all stems down to the fact that I don’t eat very well. I am a vegetarian so at least I am not eating fattening meats, seafood slathered in butter or any fast food. However, my weakness is sugar. I am like an addict when it comes to sugar. Every morning I eat yogurt but I have to toss a few Oreos in it. For lunch I will have carrots and hummus, but then I will eat a few Reese’s cups. By the time dinner rolls around I feel a little ashamed. I eat a good dinner but then I can’t help but eat an ice cream bar or some chocolate as a snack. It is constant sugar throughout the whole day. If I don’t have any candy on hand, I start to panic. I know I could look so much better if I would just give it up. My gym has nutritional counseling. I have honestly thought about talking with a professional.


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