I won’t do AC work

As a building handyman, or “super” as it used to be called, our days are always busy with countless little tasks, and the main complication is the main areas of the building, the proper use sites prefer the stairs, the lobby, etc, then every one of us can’t risk a loose rug or a slippery step leading to a lawsuit! After that, I am tasked with taking work orders from the occupants, plus fixing up the individual apartments. I don’t handle the top level speciality work, mind you, because I don’t have a certification, although I am a honorablehand with any number of tools, then my 2 pressing “no-nos” are plumbing plus air conditioning, these jobs I won’t even touch. The most I will do for a moderate apartment is to check the control device plus make sure the batteries are laboring plus the fuses haven’t blown out, then if that doesn’t service the issue, then the people I was with and I call the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier the people I was with and I have on speed dial, plus they send out a tech to look at the problem. Any one of these Heating plus Air Conditioning units costs at least a thoUSAnd bucks, so I am not going to risk splitting one by sticking our nose where it doesn’t belong. Management has asked me to see what I can do with AC units, because it costs more money to send out for an expert. I told them that if they want me to choice up those new job duties they need to spend money for our coursework so that I can get our Heating plus Air Conditioning certification… But if they won’t train me for the job, I won’t do it.

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