I keep running into my air purifier

I keep running into my air purifier, and it is annoying me.

I bought an air purifier for my office a few months back, and on one hand, I love it, and on the other hand, I hate it.

I love knowing that I have clean air to breathe in all day while I am at work, but I am not a fan of how much space the air purifier takes up in my office. The air purifier isn’t a huge one, but it is huge when compared to my office. I have a tiny office, and that air purifier takes up about a fourth of my space. Looking back, I wish I would have invested in a smaller air purifier for my office. I bought the same one for my office as the one that I had in my house because I really liked the air purifier in my house. It is truly a wonderful air purifier, but it is just too big for my small office space. I don’t think I could even count how many times I have run into my air purifier at work. No matter how I arrange my office space, I keep running into that air purifier. It is so annoying to say the least. I am thinking about getting rid of that air purifier and getting a different one. I spent a lot of money on the air purifier that I have in my office though. It is a hard decision for me. I may try to sell the air purifier that I have in my office and use the money towards a new, smaller air purifier.


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