I love Inventing strange units

I am a unique kind of HVAC serviceman.

Most HVAC serviment or HVAC technicians spend their days working on broken furnaces and window air conditioners at a heating and cooling shop, or going to individual homes and fixing customer’s hot water boilers, smart thermostats, central air conditioners, and other typical HVAC units.

Not that I have anything against normal heating and cooling technicians, but I personally found normal HVAC work to be tedious, repetitive, and boring. I did get a degree at a heating and cooling school, and I know I wanted to do something with air conditioners and furnaces because they challenged my mind, but I just wasn’t sure how. It all came to me when I entered an HVAC competition where every contestant had to build a thermostat of some sort and the best one would get a cash prize. Most of the cooling experts and heating contractors were not able to build a smart thermostat, and those that may have been able to were too intimidated, but I was going to build the best smart thermostat ever. I went to my HVAC shop and began working on the smart thermostat. I worked day and night. I have before built a dial thermostat, a programmable thermostat, and a Wifi thermostat, but never have I tried to build a whole smart thermostat. This was a huge challenge and I loved it. It was this competition that made me realize I wanted to build HVAC units for the rest of my life. I soon finished the smart thermostat and it was beautiful.
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