Big family change gets a boost from HVAC technology

We also needed some updated HVAC technology if we were going to make the transition

I really didn’t foresee having HVAC technology come through for my family and I just the way it did. Actually, prior to buying this house, I never paid much attention to the heating and cooling. The only time I was into the HVAC equipment was when it wasn’t running. But renting an apartment in the city will make you that way. It wasn’t until I became a homeowner that I truly appreciated quality heating and cooling. I was raised as a renter having lived in the city all my life. But once the kids were school age, if sort of made sense to my wife and I that we move out of the city. This was a big deal for us. But we prepared the best we could. However, when you’ve never lived in a house, much less a house in the country, you’re in for a few surprises. When we first moved into our home, it was some real culture shock. For one, we had a lot of space and everyone had their own room. But it was the quiet that really got to us at first. However, we came to love that aspect of where we live now. Still, the country was different and it would take time to get accustomed to that way of life. We also needed some updated HVAC technology if we were going to make the transition. So the HVAC company came out and put in a ductless multi split HVAC system. This basically consisted of four separate ductless heat pumps to cover the square footage of our new home. Having updated heating and cooling made the transition much, much more comfortable.

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