Stopping by to see the folks

Now that I have had to move away from our hometown in order to start our current task it has caused a bit of a strain on the relationship that our parents & I have.

Now don’t get me wrong all of us still get along just fine, but now that they are getting older they haven’t been able to take care of their beach house as much as they would like.

Now that I’m not around as often to do these things for them they have been forced to reach out to others for assistance, & the other day a single of the people they reached out to ended up trying to scam them. The problem initially started when the cooling system component in our parents beach house started to show signs of breaking down; At the time our parents did not guess much of it & they called the first number that finished making up when they used the search term “ HVAC companies near me”! Because you can spend money to promote your company to the top of these pages a legitimately unreputable HVAC company was the a single they reached out to. These scammers tried to convince our parents to spend money three times the amount of money just for an HVAC checkup while being seriously rude & unprofessional! Fortunately I had been at a labor meeting in our parents neighborhood & was able to come by when they started to have problems with the dealer, however with me there they ended up leaving rather quickly but it still had me worried. Reguardess of what task I am able to get I’m planning to move back to be closer to our parents. Family is important to me, & I will make sure that they are never at risk of getting ripped off ever again.