I was interested when she mentioned single ladies and radiant heated floors

When my sister invited me to come to a tea party at her friend’s house, I laughed at her and thought she was joking.

She was totally serious though. She was telling me that it would be good if I invited some of my buddies. I told her I didn’t think any of the guys were going to want to go to a tea party. If I extended the invitation to them, I figured they would want to pull my ‘man card’ from me. She told me that was ridiculous and then said that there were going to be a lot of lovely ladies there who were single. She saw how that got my attention, and then she told me her friend had a huge home with radiant heated floors for the heating system. She said it was a very fancy HVAC system as there were motion detectors that communicate with the smart thermostat and the ideal temperature control settings would engage when people were in different parts of the house. This type of HVAC zone control system was very impressive to me, and I honestly wanted to go to this place just to check it out. I decided to extend the party invitation to my friends, though I didn’t stress the part about the tea. Everybody was down for the “party” but they were shocked when they realized it was an actual tea party. Nobody seemed to mind though because the food was good. Even the tea was on point, but they also had beer too. We all ended up having a good time, and I was really impressed with the radiant heated floors.

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