Why i don’t go there anymore

I was pretty bothered to say the least when I had to make a decision to quit going to my favorite pizza shop.

This place had the best pizza and sandwiches in my area! They sadly did not offer take out or delivery options though, so you had to actually go in the place to order and eat.

This became a problem when their central heating and air conditioning system began not working right about a year ago. Because of the weak heating and air conditioning system it made it harder and harder to eat in there and enjoy even a quick lunch. I made the decision as Summer began this year to stop going there all together until they actually did something about their central heating and air conditioning system issues. Many people have complained about it, and they still have not done anything. In the Winter is was pretty cold in there, but the ovens from making the pizza made it somewhat bearable. But when the dead heat of the Summer just hit…forget it! There is no way I am going to sit in that kind of heat just to try to enjoy a quick lunch. Maybe they will lose all of their customers and then go broke. They will then have no choice but to fix their central heating and air conditioning system if they want to save their business! I just don’t get how they can even work in that place with the temperature control being lousy and overly hot!


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