Going round in circles

Have you ever overlooked the obvious? I have.

I am a heating and air conditioning repair specialist that works here in town.

And on my last HVAC repair job I felt as if I was going around in circles trying to repair this one central heating and air conditioning unit! I knew what the problem was, but trying to get to the root of it was where I was having the issues. No matter what I did I was coming right back to square one! It was really a major headache. But it was not something that was going to require a brand new central heating and air conditioning system. I just had to figure this out. It was all in the wiring where I was having the issues to put it simply. And finally, after about 3 hours of messing with this I had finally figured out the issue with the central heating and air conditioning system! It was such a simple fix that i could have had it done in less than a half an hour had I only seen this at first. But sometimes like I said, we overlook the obvious and end up going round and round in circles that brings us right back to where we started in the very first place! Once I was done with this heating and air conditioning system repair job, I was so happy to just get back to the heating and cooling office, clock out for the day and go home to my wife!
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