Found a cat by our heater

I kept telling my buddy that I could hear something that sounded like a baby talking. The only time I heard it was when I was in my room. He told me it was certainly just a critter outside, but I didn’t believe him. I knew the sound was coming from inside the house. The other day, my buddy heard the sound while he and I were still in my room playing video games. Our oil furnace room is right beneath my bedroom and he went in search of the noise. He found a small cat that couldn’t have been more than a year old behind the oil furnace. The cat was chilly and starving. He quickly wrapped him up in a small blanket and brought him upstairs. I tried to feed the cat warm milk to get him warmed up, and then he started responding. I asked my buddy how he got behind the oil furnace and he had no idea. I kept feeding him the milk and cuddling the animal to keep him warm. My buddy went back downstairs to see if there were any small holes that he could have gotten through. My buddy did find one area where he could have gotten through. Now we have to patch the basement, check oru heater equipment and we own a very small cat. I am determined to get our new cat happy, warm and safe until I can call the vet to see how to take care of him.

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