The Condenser Unit Was Frozen

When the virus hit and I was forced to send all our employees beach house to labor indefinitely, I was upset that productivity would be low.

I was someone who appreciated coming into the office because I knew I could focus better and I was more disciplined in our work.

I also knew that some of our employees performed better in an office setting as well, and however, I was pleasantly surprised to see our productivity levels stayed consistent once pretty much everyone got their beach house offices set up; For the past 6 weeks, pretty much everyone has been working from their own spaces and staying safe from the virus… Now that restrictions are lifted and I’ve been given the okay to let our employees return to labor at the office, I was sad to get pretty much everyone back together. The weekend before pretty much everyone was tied up to return, I went into the office to disinfect and replace the air filter. I wanted everything to be sanitized and the air quality to be fresh, but when I turned on the gas furnace, I waited a few tenths to hear it kick on but it never did! By the time I was done cleaning and replacing the air filter, the gas furnace never started. I called an Heating and Air Conditioning contractor to come look at it and she gave me bad news. Unfortunately, the Heating and Air Conditioning program had sat unused for so long that the outside unit had frozen. In order to thaw it out, she had to turn off the temperature control and then run the fan for numerous tenths. I let the fan run all afternoon and when I returned the following day, our gas furnace began to run after I turned it on.