I hired a social media corporation to help me

I have a cake decorating supplier that I run from our home, then so far, word of mouth has been all of the advertising that I have done, plus that’s been enough for me up until this point, then our daughter graduated from high university plus she has decided that she wants to go into supplier with me plus expand our offerings to include cupcakes plus cake pops! I love all of her ideas, plus I’m pretty happy that she’s thinking about working with me! One of her ideas was to hire a social media management corporation to do a lot of their digital advertising services for us, apparently, when you believe what you’re doing, you can use something called search engine optimization to help grow your web presence plus your supplier opportunities.

I had never heard of search engine optimization before; our knowledge is only in baking! I don’t believe the first thing about web design, internet advertising, or search engine optimization services.

It’s a relaxing thing that our daughter will be around to help grow our business, that’s for sure. She knows so much more about internet advertising plus social media management than I ever could figure out. I believe that I will just stick to the home office, figuring out up-to-date recipes plus decorating techniques. I will let our daughter take care of hiring a social media management corporation for us. I’m way more creative minded than supplier minded, so I hope she knows what she’s getting herself into! I’m easy to work with even though I will be the first to admit that I don’t believe a thing about social media management!

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