Company sent them to the wrong house

I never thought I would be living in a cookie cutter house in a Homeowner’s Association. I didn’t think I would end up in a neighborhood where everyone cut their grass on the same day and at the same time. I thought I would settle into a condo in the city where I could look down on the rest of the city. My wife had other thoughts about where she wanted to live and together we found ourselves with pressure from our family and we soon had children. The worst part about living in this HOA is not just the cookie cutter atmosphere, but they are all painted the same and with the same landscaping. When we first bought the house, I nearly walked into someone else’s house the first time I came home from work late at night. It wasn’t until I had a problem with my air conditioning unit that I realized just how alike the houses really are. My air quality had been diminishing over the last couple days. I called the HVAC company and told them I wanted to have my air conditioning unit serviced. I also told them about the poor air quality. I had used this HVAC company for years, so I trusted to leave my door open to them. When I got home from work the next day, the air quality was still bad, I called the HVAC company the next day and asked them if they had forgotten to come to the house. The HVAC tech insisted he had been there. When he read the address to me, it was the right address, but there were no numbers on the house. Both houses looked so much alike he had serviced the wrong air conditioning

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