I was waking up congested.

I can’t believe how bizarre the world has become.

Everyone is freaking out and worried about getting sick. I think everyone is worried about becoming a contagious carrier of coronavirus. Worse than that, most people have a fear that they will catch coronavirus and die. Although I have been serious and stayed isolated, I veered from the rule when it came to my fiance. I didn’t think it would hurt if I stayed at his apartment a couple of nights. I don’t think I would have noticed that when I went to work the next day; I was feeling stuffy headed and out of sorts. I put that up to not getting enough sleep. With coronavirus, I was now rethinking what it was. I was worried that I could be a carrier and be coming down with the virus. I decided to spend more time in my own apartment than in his. After a couple of days, I put two and two together and I called him up. I asked when the last time was that he had changed his air filters. I told him that I was thinking I was suffering from allergies in his house. He said his landlord took care of the HVAC and the air filters. He called his landlord, who told him it was actually in my fiance’s lease that my fiance took care of the air filters. He just did the maintenance on the HVAC system. The air filter was so dirty that he could barely get it out of the air conditioner. After he changed the air filter, the air quality soon improved.

Heating maintenance