Some of the kids still ask me for advice

He decided to go to a technical school so he could work with his hands

I taught school for a very long time. My husband as well as myself we’re both School teachers in the high school as well as the two of us really preferred our jobs. The two of us helped our students become adults. The two of us still managed to give them advice even after they left high school. There are lots of times when the two of us will be visited by former students that particularly are wanting some advice on many particular things. The two of us particularly like to give advice as well as it can sometimes help students reach their goals. There was a time when a young man that never did very well in school came to talk to me after a test one day. I tried to tell the students that he had a lot of potential and he just wasn’t good at testing. The kid was feeling like his life was never going to amount to anything. A couple of years ago, that student came back to the classroom as well as told me that he never forgot my words. He decided to go to a technical school so he could work with his hands. Now he has a business of his own that supplies heating, ventilation, as well as AC repair services to everyone in the valley. The kid is a huge success, and he didn’t even have to go to college to find his dream in life. Not every student is destined for college, but I can make sure that every student can achieve their dreams.



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