Cured meat has higher quality with proper temperature regulation

Last year, my dream of having an underground cellar came true.

I have always been fascinated by the cellar because it is a great place to store liquor, make cheese, and cure meat.

I have read about people making their own ham, cheese, and wine. Because of my interest, I formed a dream that involved serving my homemade wine and deli products to my friends. My cellar was already there. It had the ideal space and I made sure it had all natural stone for walls and flooring. There was no alibi for me to postpone my ham making dream anymore. I decided to make my cellar equipped for curing meat. My best friend knew an HVAC professional who knew about cellars. When we finished talking about my plan, he offered to isolate the HVAC system of the cellar from the HVAC system of the rest of the house. This would ensure the continuous temperature regulation and ventilation in the cellar. If I wanted to go out, I would just turn off the HVAC of the rest of my house without altering the temperature in the cellar. When tasting day came, I invited my best friend. He said that my ham was as good as the ham he always ate in his travels. He then convinced me to have the local restaurant and bar owners taste my ham. When they did, they said my ham tasted like imported ham and they were willing to sell them at my price. I couldn’t believe I was going to sell my own ham, which I cured in my HVAC-optimized cellar. The first time people tasted my ham, they asked where they could buy it. The restaurants and bars started ordering more. A well-maintained, automated HVAC system in the cellar was truly ideal for curing meat.

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