We figured radiant heated floors would be too expensive

I’ve been talking about this to basically everyone I talk to.

Every frosty season, I lament about how frigid our floors are! My floors pretty much feel like they have ice beneath them and I need to change it quickly.

This past year, I was told I have arthritis in my feet, but I thought I had simply broken my toe when I stubbed it early in the warm season. The nurse did a few x-rays and told myself and others the toe wasn’t broken, however it was arthritic. He easily pointed out uncommon other parts of my feet that were also suffering from severe arthritis. Bones were being realigned, and there were spurs all over the small joints and on the smaller bones. I was in constant pain. Now that frosty months have arrived again, stepping onto those freezing floors, is even more painful than it has been in the past. The frost of the floors spreads so much pain throughout my feet that I am unable to walk. I cry when even my socks touch the toes or the sides of my feet. My husband needs to put up with my pain too. He made the suggestion that we talk to the Heating and A/C corporation about having radiant heated flooring installed in our place. The cost of a current heating equipment was so extravagant that we knew we couldn’t cover the cost for radiant heating flooring. My husband was able to find heat tapes that we could install beneath our carpeting. We easily planned on having wall to wall carpeting installed, to give our feet some good cushioning. The heat tape could actually warm the carpeting and make it more comfortable for me to get around. The best thing of all is that we wouldn’t need to have the heating equipment on when I had my shoes on. We simply turned on the heated floor tape during the evening.

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