Basement living conditions

When my buddies and I decided to rent out an apartment house, there were two bedrooms and a basement.

I thought I was being so smart choosing the basement as my bedroom.

The basement was giant and I had plenty of space to store my bed, desk, clothing and workout equipment. I was also totally private. Unless you wanted to do laundry, nobody bothered me. Yeah, it was a bit annoying having to go upstairs anytime I needed to pee or eat. The major con was the air quality in the basement though. Basements are really stuffy and moist like. I quickly realized that I was getting sick all the time due to the moist indoor air quality. I had to buy myself a sit down dehumidifier to take care of the moisture. Frequently I needed to clean the machine or else mold and mildew would form inside of it. I then struggled with staying warm enough in my little basement too. The boiler system was in the basement with it, but heat rises. Even though I couldn’t touch the boiler since it was lava hot, the basement was freezing cold. I ended up needing to buy a space heater to add a little warmth to my wet cave. It wasn’t the greatest choice of rooms. If I could go back, I would choose a small bedroom to have proper heating and air quality. It also would have been nice to have a window and be near the bathroom and kitchen. I will never live in a basement again.



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