I am considering going to HVAC school

One of the things that I have always been good at when I was young was games.

  • I have 3 siblings, and no matter what game I played, I was pretty good at kicking their butts at it.

They would play that game for several days, know all of the tricks and yet after 1 hour of playing it I would learn more than they did. I know they get jealous, but I can’t really help it, it just comes natural to me. This has led them not wanting to play games with me, which was fine by me. My natural talent towards games as well as my creative nature, has led me to game design as a future career. I am in high school right now, and I am close to graduating, so determining what I want to do at this stage is vital. Anyways, sometime when my dad was working on something involving our air conditioning unit, I watched and commented on what my father was doing. That led us to a conversation about A/C repair and he attempted to show me the basics of how you would go about repairing a HVAC machine. He didn’t even really need to though, because I was able to guess over half of what you would need to do just to repair the HVAC component, even my father was surprised. My mother, who was quietly observing the entire time. She told me I get that talent from my father, who is a HVAC serviceman. She told me I should consider going to HVAC school, and that I would be good at it. I would definitely consider going to HVAC university someday, but right now I want to focus on game designing.


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