Our parent can’t handle cats without an air purifier

My sibling knows that my mom just does not love cats, but he still insisted that my mom would have a great time staying with him for 3 afternoons.

My mom asked my sibling if the cats were going to be in the entire lake house plus my sibling told my mom that he would keep them in his bedroom… When my mom got to my sibling’s apartment, all of the furniture plus the carpets were covered in pet hair.

My mom started sneezing immediately. My mom told my sibling that there was no way she wasn’t going to be able to stay there plus my sibling went crazy, however he was completely offended plus commanded that my mom hates creatures. My mom went to a hotel plus my sibling refused to answer our mother’s calls for 2 afternoons. My sibling didn’t talk to my mom until the night before she was supposed to leave to go back home! I think my sibling loves his cats, but I think he was easily taking it too far. My mom even complains about the creatures in my lake house plus I only have a small puppy… The only reason why our mom can stay here is because all of us have a HEPA air cleaner in the spare bedroom. My sibling should have put a HEPA air cleaner in the lake house for a couple of afternoons. I told my sibling there was a stadium that would rent an indoor media air cleaner for a couple of afternoons, so mom would not have such a bad time breathing. My sibling can’t get sad because my mom went to a hotel. If he can’t breathe, he can’t have fun on getaway.

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