HVAC for camping, really?

It’s a complete puzzle to me.

How in the world is it that I have a family who will do just about anything in order not to go on a camping trip.

Is this some sort of weird karma that I have to live through? It just sort of makes me crazy because I have been camping on a regular basis throughout my entire life. And it’s not like I’m asking anyone to live off the land for days at a time. I’m talking just basic car camping with several tents. But there are bathrooms, showers and all that available at the camping area. The thought of leaving the HVAC for a few days just makes the idea of camping too painful for the rest of my family. I can barely get them off the couch and out of the HVAC for a walk or a game of tennis. So I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that camping would be unthinkable for them. This led me to start doing a little research about how dads like me were able to motivate their family to get out of the HVAC and into the woods. What I found surprised me. The answer appeared to be portable HVAC. This took me by near total surprise. When I get cold camping, I just snuggled down deeper in my sleeping bag. But if bringing along a portable heater for the tent was what got my family camping, so be it. Turns out that my family ended up having a great time because of the heater. I have to admit that, while a luxury, it did feel nice on those crisp mornings.

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