Trust the professional HVAC people

Apparently, the signs were there already.

It’s just that I chose to ignore them.

The monthly utility costs were skyrocketing because the HVAC was running all the time in order to keep up with demand. I guess I was a bit delusional in my hope that the HVAC unit would somehow come out of it. But once the HVAC tech to one look, I knew I had to face reality. The HVAC tech reminded me yet again to get serious about having the old HVAC replaced. But this time he was looking me right in the eye with such an imploring expression. He was being respectful and kind. But the HVAC tech wanted to be sure that I understood how serious the situation now was. That got to me and it motivated me to contact an HVAC contractor. This way, my wife and I would have some help sifting through all the information out there on replacing our HVAC unit. It was the best move we could make. It helped us figure out the right HVAC model for our needs and for our budget. The HVAC contractor was also able to get everything together for the replacement. He honored the fact that I really didn’t want to replace the old HVAC until it was absolutely necessary. However, I was able to get a downpayment done so the replacement could be ordered. Then, we decided on a date in the fall for the replacement to happen. This way, we will be going into the winter with a new, more efficient and much more reliable HVAC system.



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