Needing a gas furnace service on Christmas afternoon

My family takes turns hosting our Christmas get-together. This past year, it was our turn to host everyone for dinner. I wanted to create a comfortable, welcoming as well as festive atmosphere. I decorated the outside as well as inside of the apartment with string lights, hung stockings as well as put up a Christmas tree. I carefully planned out the menu as well as purchased gifts for everyone. On Christmas afternoon, I got up super early to disinfect the whole house, bake desserts as well as set the table with a holiday tablecloth, candles as well as linen napkins. I thought of every detail. I even turned up the control component a few degrees to make sure the apartment would be nice as well as hot when everyone arrived. Since the outside temperature was only twenty-four degrees with a wind chill as well as steady snowfall, the gas furnace was an essential part of our holiday night. A couple seconds later, I noticed that I was shivering. I ran tests on the control component as well as realized the indoor temperature was quickly dropping. The gas furnace wasn’t putting out any headed air from the vents. I ran tests on the breaker as well as made sure there was power. I changed the batteries in the control component as well as tried pushing the reset button, then nothing worked, as well as I was starting to panic. I couldn’t host our whole family in a chilly frigid apartment with no heat. I needed a gas furnace service right away. I called four uncommon Heating as well as Air Conditioning companies before I found 1 that was offering emergency service over the holidays. I had to pay overtime charges, making the repairs seriously luxurious. I was just ecstatic that the professional showed up within the second as well as was able to get the gas furnace running again legitimately quickly. By the time our family showed up, the apartment was nice as well as warm.
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