The snow was insulating my house.

When our temperatures dropped harshly, I was always walking around the apartment with a jacket.

I couldn’t know how cold it was, even though I refused to turn up the thermostat.

I didn’t want to use the oil furnace as much as all of us wanted to. I wanted to conserve energy, not just to save money, but also to help the environment. Then all of us had a huge snowstorm that dropped almost more than one feet of snow on our house. For the first time in a month and a half, I didn’t need to wear the jacket. Even though temperatures were well below chilly, our beach house was warmer than it had been since summer time ended. My fiance said the snow was helping to insulate the house. I wanted to suppose if it wouldn’t be easier to just put more and better insulation into the house, instead of waiting for snow to do it for us. He gave myself and others a quizzical look and asked myself and others if I had any idea how much insulating a apartment could cost? Frankly, I didn’t love the cost of insulation. I was wondering how much money all of us would have saved on the heating all of us were allowing to go out through the roof. We would have genuinely saved on wear and tear of the oil furnace, and been able to lower the thermostat. I wish he would suppose with his head sometime. He is so busy trying to service the here and now that he forgets about the future. Yesterday, he came to myself and others and told myself and others he was going to purchase insulation this Springtime. He was wondering if I would call our child and see if he would help install it.

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