It was an infestation.

I love my husband dearly, but he is a packrat and he is constantly adding to his collection. He finds these things that he is sure he can use. He won’t throw anything away that could be useful sometime in the next decade. Last week, he brought home a furnace. He said it was practically a steal, but I wasn’t so sure. He swore that the old furnace would work and he knew it would be just what we needed. Knowing him, I was sure the furnace was going to be everything he thought it would be and then more. I was betting on the more side of the furnace. He drug the furnace home and he was getting ready to put it into the basement. Luckily I had to remind him that he had to move the current furnace before he could install the ‘new’ furnace. He assured me that he knew exactly what he was doing. He said he was going to open the furnace out in the yard and clean the furnace before taking it into the house. The furnace smelled so badly when he loaded it off the truck. I couldn’t quite place odor, but it wasn’t good. He began to open the front and he said it was just dirty. He opened the panel and a swarm of bugs came flying out at us. The furnace was crawling with these bugs and he still thought he could get it cleaned and installed. My husband still wanted it inside, but I gave him the choice of taking the furnace to the dump, or I was dumping him.



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