It shocked me to learn that somebody faked their resume

I recently placed an advertisement in the newspaper since I needed to hire several up-to-date Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment workers.

Business has been picking up since the summer months started & I thought several more workers would easily lighten the load on my already busy Heating plus Air Conditioning repair techs.

Soon after I placed the ad, I got a good amount of responses! One gentleman in particular had a wonderful resume. The guy worked for a commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment upgrade company for roughly four years, and he was in charge of a team of guys. On paper, the guy seemed to be just right for the job. I thought he was the most wonderful candidate for an interview, so I called the guy & set something up for the following day. During the interview, I did not get the impression that the guy was as knowledgeable as I expected. I asked the guy some easy questions & he was basically searching for the answers. I expected him to be able to answer them incredibly easily, especially given the immense experience on the guy’s resume. After the interview, I made the choice to call some of the references & Heating plus Air Conditioning companies listed on the resume. Three of the arenas never even heard of the guy. One arena couldn’t even locate his name in their employee database for the whole country. I’m really glad that I did not hire the guy when he was in the interview, because his entire resume looks essentially like a forgery. I’m not even positive that the guy has any real Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment experience. The resume could have been printed online. It’s a fantastic thing that I actually chose to ask a couple of questions while in the interview.

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