Rescue dog gets hurt on broken vent covers

My son found a little chihuahua while walking home from school a month ago.

It is a longhaired chihuahua and its fur was all matted and full of weeds.

We took the dog to the vet and she isn’t microchipped. So we put up fliers and posted “found dog” advertisements all over the internet. Nobody claimed her. So now we have ourselves a dog. She must have been abandoned. She is the sweetest little dog. I don’t know how someone could do that to her but I guess nobody is perfect. In fact, I am currently feeling like a terrible dog owner. That is because our little chihuahua got injured because of my laziness. You see, some of our HVAC ductwork covers are broken. Chair legs have gone through them over the years and we just never replaced them. Well on Monday I heard our little dog screaming in pain. I ran to her and found her leg stuck in one of those broken HVAC vent covers. It took several agonizing minutes before I was able to free her leg. Do you know what? She never once tried to bite me during all of that. Thankfully her leg looks like it is going to be ok. She just has some deep scratch. The vet prescribed some antibacterial spray to help her heal. I still feel bad about it though. As soon as I got home I immediately hired an HVAC company to come out and replace every vent cover in the house too. We can’t let that happen again. The dog is also afraid of the vent covers now though too. I’m not sure that is a bad thing.