Oil Furnace Was Expensive to Fill

About twenty years ago, when I was still married, my husband and I bought a pretty big house near the hospital in our city.

It was an older home, and I loved it.

It was built into a hill, so you walked into the second floor, and there was a lower floor, too. It was brick and lovely. It looked much smaller from the outside than it actually was. The only thing about that house that I didn’t like was the heating system. The heating system was composed of a furnace that ran on fuel oil. The fuel oil tank was under the ground, which I was glad about because I am sure it would not have been pretty to look at. There was a little pipe sticking up out of the ground, and that is where the furnace fuel oil tank was filled. We had to call in a heating and cooling company to even figure out how to use the heater. They gave us the name of a fuel oil company, and the fuel oil guy came and filled up the tank. I was excited to be having heating, as it was starting to get pretty cold. That was the coldest winter we had around here; I have lived here thirty years, and I don’t remember there being one any colder. Anyway, he filled up the fuel for my furnace, and he proceeded to hand me a gigantic bill that almost left me falling on the floor. When I think about those days of having a furnace, I truly appreciate the central heating and cooling I have now.